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SB Playground @ Hovden
21.02.10, 11:56
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Right now we’re sitting in the lobby of Hovdestøylen hotel, right next to Hovden ski resort. We’re been here for a couple of days, filming the competition SB Playground. The competition was sick, and the crowd was very pleased to see a very high level of skiing. Big tricks like dub 10’s, sw cork 10’s and double flat’s went down, but in the end, Klaus Finne took the price with a sw dub rodeo 10 japan. Make sure to check out the movie!

For the next couple of days, we will stay here at Hovden, shooting for our next movie. Hovden and SB (our main partner) has built some sick features for us, so we’re really stoked for the next couple of days! We will allready thank Hovden, SB and Martin Grønneberg for organising this shoot, and for being really cooperative!

The kicker
Photo: The kicker in progress, built by Emil Fossheim.

Gaute at the kicker
Photo: Gaute Silseth super stoked on the jump.

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I love the quality of that Video! great stuff! thanks for sharing!
how come i can´t add you to my Rss feed? Is it something you have to enable?

hope to hear from you.

Comment by Steendahl

We’re glad you liked the video! Don’t know why you can’t add us to your RSS feed, cause we havn’t enabled anything. We’ll check it out

Comment by chaozprod

here you go;

Comment by chaozprod

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