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Hemsedal urban
19.03.10, 11:45
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For the last couple of days, we have been filming some urbans in Hemsedal with Oskar Pedersen and Maria Bagge. Yestarday we placed a railbox on top of a big rock we found, as you can see in the picture below.

The setup. Photo: Eivind Aurstad.

A pretty nice looking setup, and we got some really nice shots! We will continue to film urbans the whole weekend, before some of us is going to Andreas HĂ„tveit’s Backyard Battle next week.

Oskar and Maria checking out the shots. Photo: Eivind Aurstad.


Chaoz videoblog #4
01.03.10, 20:30
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After being injured for 11 weeks, Fridtjof “Frido” Fredricsson is now back on track, and won the To HOT to Handle railjam in Hemsedal, Norway.

Hemsedal events 09/10
28.11.09, 22:53
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A little movie we made for Hemsedal Skisenter this fall, a teaser for the upcoming events. Enjoy!