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Hemsedal urban
19.03.10, 11:45
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For the last couple of days, we have been filming some urbans in Hemsedal with Oskar Pedersen and Maria Bagge. Yestarday we placed a railbox on top of a big rock we found, as you can see in the picture below.

The setup. Photo: Eivind Aurstad.

A pretty nice looking setup, and we got some really nice shots! We will continue to film urbans the whole weekend, before some of us is going to Andreas HĂ„tveit’s Backyard Battle next week.

Oskar and Maria checking out the shots. Photo: Eivind Aurstad.


Urban #1
25.11.09, 18:07
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A new season is coming up, and this week we had our first urban shoot in Hemsedal, Norway. Hemsedal is (at the moment) one of the few places were we actually got a lot of snow, and good conditions for urban skiing. We found this wallride we decided to hit, as you can see on the picture.

Picture: The setup.

A pretty nice looking building actually, and the shots ended up very nice! Oskar, who was the only skier at the shoot, got 4 sick shots before we went home.

Picture: Oskar is getting ready.

We also got the opportunity to test some new equipment, like the new dolly!

Picture: Eivind with the brand new dolly.

Stay tuned for more updates!