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Folgefonna and videoblog #6
11.05.10, 19:52
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We’re now at Folgefonna, Norway, were we have been since last Wednesday. Folgefonna is a large glacier on the west-cost of Norway, and the glacier is home to a summer skiing resort, located on its northern region. Our mission was to hit some BC-kickers, and now that we’re almost done, we have so say “mission accomplished”. We have also made a new videoblog from our stay her at Folgefonna, that you can check out at the bottom of this post.

Sunset at Folgefonna. Photo: Eivind Aurstad

The boys getting a tan. Photo: Eivind Aurstad

Oskar building a jump. Photo: Eivind Aurstad


Chaoz videoblog #5
18.04.10, 22:11
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Last week we were shooting at Vierli ski resort. Vierli has one of the best parks in Norway, and the people there are super nice to work with. They built a huge kicker for us (25m), pluss som other creative features. The weather was good the whole week, and we got tons of shots! Make sure to check out our new videoblog, from the shoot at Vierli!

Sunset at Vierli. Photo: Eivind Aurstad

Our mobile office. Photo: Eivind Aurstad

Chaoz videoblog #4
01.03.10, 20:30
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After being injured for 11 weeks, Fridtjof “Frido” Fredricsson is now back on track, and won the To HOT to Handle railjam in Hemsedal, Norway.

Chaoz videoblog #3
15.01.10, 16:44
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Check out some of the Chaoz riders shredding in Breckenridge, in our third videoblog!


Chaoz videoblog #2
29.12.09, 00:12
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Today, the 4th annual “Ålride” big jump competition took place at Ål Ski Resort, Norway. The competition is arranged by local freeriders, such as Knut Myking. Make sure to check out the competition in our second videoblog!

Chaoz videoblog #1
24.12.09, 12:12
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This week, right before christmas, Eivind and Sigurd teamed up with Gaute Silseth, Jens Gunhildrud and Thomas Dolplads in Oslo, Norway, to film some handrails. The rail-mission didn’t go exactley as planned, but we got some banger shots in the end! Check out our first videoblog ever, from the trip to Oslo!

Merry Christmas!