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Chaoz videoblog #5
18.04.10, 22:11
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Last week we were shooting at Vierli ski resort. Vierli has one of the best parks in Norway, and the people there are super nice to work with. They built a huge kicker for us (25m), pluss som other creative features. The weather was good the whole week, and we got tons of shots! Make sure to check out our new videoblog, from the shoot at Vierli!

Sunset at Vierli. Photo: Eivind Aurstad

Our mobile office. Photo: Eivind Aurstad


Vierli, Norway
15.12.09, 21:56
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This weekend (11-13 december) the Norwegian national team (freestyle skiing) had their own gathering at Vierli, Norway. Vierli has by far the best park in Norway at the moment, and all the guys were pretty stoked about that. Eivind was also at Vierli, filming for NRK and the ski resort. Make sure to check out the edit!